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Lets get started

Let's get started!

On this page you will find everything you need to get started. You can check out the standard fees and download or fill out the pre-project checklist.
Of course, these kinds of projects are rarely straight forward. Please contact us, so we can get you started and customize everything to your needs.


There are two fees for each project.

The first is the start-up fee. This depends on the services needed. If you need a logo designed and questionnaires translated, you will pay more than when you have everything ready. The research survey app is always available, but custom apps like the PBAC app, etc., need adjustment and have their own fee. A basic project can be set up from 3000 euro as a one-time fee, but please feel free to ask us for a more detailed quotation.

All prices exclude Dutch VAT

The second is a yearly fee which covers the database, the security updates, the hosting, the domain name, the maintenance, etc. This is a fixed fee for each project, and is 1500 euro/year


Here you can find some documents to download before or during the project.