A research platform by researchers for researchers

Research Survey is a tool for researchers who work with questionnaires, randomization and surveys. The main goal of Research Survey is to make your data as complete as possible, with as many automated options as possible. This can be done through advanced reminders, apps and other adjustments. Research Survey was created by researchers, for researchers and built around a community.

Our aims

We aim at maximum security and privacy, growth and improvement from our own research community, with high customisability

We strive for the highest security for our servers through 2-way login for administrators, custom accounts if necessary, and respect the privacy of the participant in accordance with the Dutch law on storage of personal data.


We want to keep innovating and share all new ideas and functionalities with all users of our platform.


We work with an international collaborative team, keeping “the world flat” and maximizing the benefits of globalization. That's why we keep the base rate low and make adjustments possible, whenever you want, and within your budget.


Research community

We call any research study that hosts a questionnaire on Research Survey a “project”. Each project has its own specific requirements. Most of those necessities are already provided by the current system. However, some projects have different requirements, for example a specific type of randomization or reminders.


These can then be custom built. Because Research Survey is community-based, all functionalities required for a project are made available for all projects. As a result, the amount of functionalities will continue to grow over time and thus create a better environment for each new project.

Previous studies

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and many others.