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The 2Close study is a study that is carried out in over 30 hospitals in the Netherlands. Women who are given cesarean sections, planned or unscheduled, are drawn for two different techniques to attach the uterus. It is unknown which of the two procedures is better in the long term, with an eye on gynecological complaints such as blood loss after menstruation, pain during lovemaking and fertility. Both ways are just as safe in the short term.

The research is led by Prof. Dr. J.A.F. Huirne, gynecologist at the VU medical center.
The execution of the study is done by drs. S.I. (Sanne) Stegwee, doctor-researcher at the department of gynecology at VUmc. Mail for questions or remarks to info@2close-trial.nl. You can read ‘information for patients’ on the study website www.studies-obsgyn.nl/2close.