Welcome to the official website of Research Survey

Welcome to Research Survey

Research Survey is a tool for researchers who work with questionnaires, randomization, and surveys.
The core purpose of Research Survey is to maximize your responses with advanced reminders, apps,
and other customizations. Research Survey is created by researchers for researchers and is built around
a community. Some examples of studies running on Research Survey can be found here.

Our core objectives

To ensure security and privacy

We aim at the highest security for our servers, 2-way login for administrators, custom accounts when needed, and respect participant privacy in compliance with Dutch law on personal data.

To grow and envolve by being a custom community

We want to keep innovating and sharing all new ideas and functionalities with all users of our platform.

Offer lower feed and high customizability

We work with an international collaboration team, keeping “the world flat” and maximizing the benefits of globalization. Therefore, we keep the basic fee low and allow customization whenever you wish, and within your budget.

A custom community

We call each research study hosting a questionnaire on Research Survey a “project”. Each project has its own specific needs. Most needs are already provided for within the current system, but sometimes a project has different requirements. For example, a specific type of randomization may be needed, or a type of reminder.

These can be custom-built. Because Research Survey is also community-based, each functionality required by a project will be available for ALL projects. This way, in time, the functionalities will grow and grow, creating a more better environment with each project.

Examples of studies